Application Volunteers Star Track 12-13/3018

Thank you so much for your interest in helping out!

This year we will try a new concept: Star Track: a combination of a tournament where 4 teams battle against each other, a fun mens game and 2 roller derby Belgium games.

Below you can find a timetable of the event:
Friday: officials bootcamp
Saturday 10 am: game Windsor - Namen
Saturday 12 am: game Namen - Gent
Saturday 14 pm: game Royal Windsor - Royal Army
Saturday 16 pm: game Gent - Royal Windsor
Saturday 18 pm: start fun mens game
Saturday 20 pm: start Roller Disco
Sunday 10 am: a Roller Derby Belgium game
Sunday 12 am: a Roller Derby Belgium game
Sunday 14 pm: game Namen - Royal Army
Sunday 16 pm: game Gent- Royal Windsor
Sunday 18 pm: start afterparty + BBQ (suscribe:

Feel free to do as many shifts as you want!
Shifts will be 2,75 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday. In return you receive our never ending gratitude and love. But also access to the free food table with sandwiches.
You also have the possibilty to support us by buying drinks at the cafetaria or buying food at our delicious vegan catering.

If you fill this in we consider you present. A final shedule will be send to you one week before the event starts.
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