GIPO Survey: Towards federation roadmap
If you think your project / initiative can cooperate with GIPO either as a user or an info provider, please fill-in the form below.

The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO), an initiative of the European Commission, is an online tool to help monitor developments on Internet policy around the world and provide better understanding and access to the largest number of potential stakeholders. Governments, NGOs and others interested in Internet Governance. Thanks to the use of advanced IT technologies, GIPO provides a practical tool to navigate this field, increasing expertise and understanding among many more interested actors.

GIPO adopts federated approach. Its goal is to overcome the fragmentation and complexity of information about internet governance across the world. It is meant to be a complementary tool to your initiatives. GIPO is designed as a service for, both, final users and other observatories, which can use the tool to get the information they need.

That is why interoperability of the GIPO tool with your projects is so important.

We are currently working on the GIPO federation roadmap. It analyses possible scenarios of collaboration between GIPO and other initiatives, and that is why your participation in this survey is so important.

Check our leaflet: and access the Observatory Tool directly:

Test the Tool and tell us how we can cooperate!
More about GIPO initiative at:

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