Your DIDs Experience: 1999-2019
Let us know how we helped you and/or what you'd like to see from us in the future.
Record one or more short video clips you letting us know:

(a) how we've helped you and/or
(b) your ideas for our future

Make it positive to so that we can use it to help and encourage other distressed dads in need, to find us and to get access to much needed life saving support.

If you'd like to speak to both above options, please record and send them to us as separate videos. We'll review submitted video's, select the best and stitch them together into a short film; launching around Fathers Day, 1st September 2019.

A short video clip using a decent smartphone in good outside light and with no background sound is great. Keep the file size of your video's to below 25MB so that they can be attached to an email. Once you've filmed your clip(s), complete the form below so that we have your details and permission, then attach your clips to an email and send to:

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Click yes to authorise PBB ('Parents Beyond Breakup', parent charity to front line support service 'Dads in Distress') to use your submitted material / media without restriction, including providing PBB and its subcontracting agents the right to edit submitted media and/or materials. If you do NOT wish to provide this permission, please exist this web page without submitting your materials / media.
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Each email should not have more than 25MB of attachments in order that we are able to receive them. Send multiple files amounting to more than 25MB in separate emails.
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