Baptism Application Form 2018/19
Required documents:
1) A copy of one of the Catholic Parents Baptism or Profession of Faith Certificate
2) A copy of one of the Catholic Godparents Confirmation Certificate
3) A copy of the Child's Birth Certificate
4) Section 2 printed & signed
Email address *
Child's Last Name, Given Names: *
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Child's Date of Birth: *
Age of Child of at Baptisms; Months or Years *
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Child's Place of Birth: *
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Father's Full Legal Name, Contact #,Address & Religion *
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Mother's Full Legal Name (include Maiden Name), Contact#, Address(if different from above) & Religion *
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Please check if you have completed a Baptism Preparation Course *
Please check which Baptism Prep Date at St Paul's Catholic Church you will be attending in 2018/19. If already completed, check N/A *
Dec 15 (2-4pm)
Jan 9 (7-9pm)
Feb 9 (2-4pm)
Mar 13 (7-9pm)
May 4 (2-4pm)
Jun 5 (7-9pm)
Baptisms are celebrated at 1:00pm. Please choose from the following 2018/19 Baptism dates *
Dec 2
Jan 6
Feb 3
Mar 3
May 5
June 16
Godfather's name & religion: *
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Godmother's name & religion: *
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Please note that one Godparent MUST be Catholic. The Godparents need to be sixteen years and older and have received Sacrament of Confirmation. Grandparents have their own special role and should not be considered as a Godparent.

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