Call for Works and Presentations: Composer / Computer / Distance 2018
We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Composer, Computer, Distance conference taking place May 3 - 4th in Sheffield, UK. Our guest artists include Joanne Armitage, Rebecca Fiebrink, Diana Salazar, and computer scientist, Judit Tövissy. Our main aim for the conference is to highlight the diversity within the computer music scene here in the UK and to explore the distance between technology and composers. We aim to reach the non-traditional audience outside of academia and make computer music accessible. Both of our venues will be in the Sheffield city center at a local coffee shop and a local arts venue. We are working to bring in A-level students, university undergraduate and post-graduates, as well as non-academic emerging artists who self identify with a marginalized body (e.g. queer, LGBT, minority racial groups, and female artists).

During the conference, we will be hosting two hour-long slots that will feature emerging artists and researchers. We are able to support pieces in fixed stereo, stereo diffusion with 8 ring speakers, and multichannel pieces up to 8 channels. We can also accommodate pieces with live electronics with a short (10 minute) set-up. Works may be up to 10 minutes in length. Presentations may be up to 20 minutes and may surround your current research interests. We are particularly interested in (but not limited to) the distance between technology and the body.

A limited budget has been allocated to help cover travel costs to and from Sheffield for selected participants. This will be dispersed on a first-come first-served basis. Our budget will only cover regional train fares to and from Sheffield. Artists must be present at the conference on the day of their performance.

Timea Farkas and J Diaz are producing the event and are sound artists based in Sheffield. Questions and comments may be directed to Composer, Computer, Distance is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England ( We are proud partners with Upshot Espresso, DINA Venue, Union St, The University of Sheffield Music Department, and the University of Sheffield Sound Studios.

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