COVID-19 Daily Survey
All staff that enter any school building must complete the survey below EACH DAY. Only non-district employees are required to respond to question #3. The survey can be completed by logging into the link on a computer or iPad or connecting to the QR code on a cellular telephone or iPad. The results of the survey will be kept confidential. In addition, staff are encouraged to check their own temperature at home before leaving for work. Anyone experiencing symptoms or a fever should not report to work. Anyone who has been exposed to a person suspected of or diagnosed with COVID-19 will likely be asked to remain out of work for the 14 day quarantine period. In certain situations, staff may be asked to provide a note medically clearing them to return to work.
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Do you currently have any of the following symptoms -fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, sore throat, recent loss of taste, recent loss of smell, and/or upset stomach? *
If you answered yes to 'currently having any of the symptoms' listed in the question above, please explain.
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