Bike Repair Request
This form should be filled out AFTER locking your bike to a rack in the UMC bike shelter or to the racks closest to the UMC Bike Station.

We highly recommend you apply for bike shelter access before dropping off your bike so your bike is more secure while waiting to be repaired. We are not responsible for stolen or lost bikes.

Bike mechanics typically work Monday through Friday, and bikes left Friday may not be worked on until the following week. Our goal is to complete your bike within 72 hours during the work week.

We will contact you when your bike is finished and give you instructions on retrieving it. To prevent theft or damage, please retrieve your bike as soon as possible after being emailed.

Note that we have limited parts inventory and not all repairs are possible. We will inform you if your bike needs additional parts or needs to be repaired at a local bike shop.

Your bike and lock will be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol after being repaired.

This drop-off repair service is being offered temporarily while we are all doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. We want to be able to provide service to our customers while keeping everyone safe and healthy.
Where is your bike locked? *
First and Last Name *
as entered into campus records
Phone Number *
Email Address *
must be a valid address
What is your 7-digit student or employee ID. *
Bike Registration Number (on the red sticker). *
Please indicate if it is unregistered. We will register it prior to working on it.
Color, Model, and Brand of Bike *
to the best of your ability. (E.g., black trek 820, red schwinn ranger)
What is your lock combination? *
Type N/A if your lock uses a key and then leave the key in the "semester rental" drop box that is located near the front door of the UMC Bike Station. No need to use an envelope
Describe the issue or maintenance you are requesting. Be as specific as possible to help the mechanic quickly diagnose and repair your bike. *
Do you currently have shelter access? *
If "No", we will link your Buff OneCard to the shelter which gives you access to retrieve your bike.
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