CGA Puppy Application
**Please note - filling out this application does not guarantee a puppy. Breeder reserves the right to retain breeding puppies from any litter. It should also be noted that due to mother nature and other circumstances, breeder may need to change studs or dams of future litters. All of our puppies are $2000 plus delivery/shipping or sales tax.

We make our breeding decisions from the litter between 7 and 8 weeks of age. We will assign all puppies based on temperaments to their families after weeks of age.

Puppies are very active and need lots of attention, socialization, training and love. If you are not prepared or able to give your puppy the time needed, please wait until you have the time to commit to your new family member.

ALL fields are required on the application. If you skip a field, we will not receive your application.
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Describe family lifestyle including activities in which your cockapoo will participate. It will help greatly with allocations. *
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If no, include details of breed and how recently? If yes, indicate n/a. *
Have you ever given up or sold a dog for any reason to a breeder, vet, shelter, another person or research facility? *
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If you work, who will be responsible for the puppy during your working hours? *
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What training will you provide and when will you start? (We require every puppy attend at least 2 classes.) *
Will the cost of purchasing and caring for a puppy fit comfortably in your budget? *
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Do you agree to contact us if you are no longer able to care for your CGA puppy? *
Do you agree to never relinquish your CGA puppy to a shelter or research facility? *
Do you agree to never sell or give away your CGA puppy without our knowledge and written consent? *
Are you applying to be a guardian home for one of our potential breeding dogs? *
If yes, do you agree to follow our protocols for communication, vaccinations, vet care, quality food and grooming? *
Once your application has been received and reviewed, we will contact you via email to discuss further. Upon approval of your application, you will be invited to submit a non-refundable deposit to hold a spot on our wait list for one of our upcoming litters.
All of your information is considered confidential and will not be shared with any other persons or companies unless we have written permission from you to do so.
I understand and agree that should I be invited to submit a deposit, it is non-refundable unless we have a missed pregnancy or smaller litter than expected and are unable to provide you with a puppy. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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