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NSW Poisons Information Centre (NSW PIC) will review data requests within 10 working days. NSW PIC will liaise with the requester and, if applicable, provide a quote for furnishing the data.

The provision of data usually takes 20 working days, depending on the complexity of the request, the current availability of the information, and the period of time that the request covers. In exceptional circumstances an expedited surcharge may be considered.

Data provided is de-identified, formatted as a spreadsheet, and dispatched via email attachments. It may only be used for the purpose approved, and cannot be passed onto another organisation without the express written approval of the NSW PIC. Any interpretation of the data should be approved by NSW PIC before being publicly reported and must acknowledge the source, being “New South Wales Poisons Information Centre”.

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Disclosure Statement – Limitations of Data
NSW PIC provides a call centre service to NSW, TAS and ACT on a near full-time basis and a shared after-hours service to the remainder of Australia. This results in approximately half of Australia’s poisons-related calls being received by NSW PIC. Case records in the NSW PIC database are from self-reported calls. They reflect only the information provided when the public or healthcare professionals report an actual or potential exposure to a substance (e.g. ingestion, inhalation, topical exposure etc.) or request information. Exposures do not necessarily represent a case of poisoning or overdose. Cases are not routinely followed up and therefore outcome data is not available. Not all exposures will be reported to a Poisons Information Centre and therefore the data does not represent total incidence of exposures to any substances.
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