Fit Body Reopening Survey
To our valued members,

We know that the past few months have been challenging for everyone, and we appreciate the willingness you showed to pivot with us to online, at-home workouts when we temporarily closed our boot camp locations due to the government mandates to practice social distancing and shelter at home. Many of you have made great effort to participate in our daily virtual workouts in an attempt to maintain your health and fitness results, and we thank you for that.

However, despite our best efforts to provide you with everything you need to thrive on your own in isolation, the negative repercussions of our temporary closure will no longer be ignored.

History shows us that when disaster strikes – be it an economic crash, a terrorist attack or a health threat – it is the hardworking members of our society who suffer the most. We experience increases in depression, suicide, domestic violence, unemployment, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, homelessness and even death.

The coronavirus shutdown has been even more detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing due to the added hardship of isolation and the inaccessibility of gyms. Without the ability to attend your Fit Body Boot Camp workout sessions, weight has been gained at record-breaking rates. This weight gain is contributing to even higher levels of depression, anxiety, diabetes, lethargy, high blood pressure and decreased work productivity.

Despite the fact that much of the world has reopened in response to the great need of the people, here in California and other states, our governor continues to sacrifice our economy and our health for political reasons.

We, at Fit Body Boot Camp, will no longer stand by while these injustices befall on us all.

We would like to open our doors in order to serve you in-person so that you can regain the health, body and peace of mind that you once had. Rest assured that we are following our thoroughly crafted Fit Body Reopening Protocol which makes the safety and sanitization of our members and coaches of utmost priority.

Please share your thoughts and experience with us in this short survey to help us better understand your needs so that we can be of service to you at this trying time:
Have you noticed an increase in anxiety? *
Is there more tension and stress in your household? *
Have you gained weight? *
Are you experiencing fear and uncertainty? *
Are you feeling depressed? *
Have you begun taking more medication or alcohol to cope? *
Has your physical activity been reduced? *
Are you experiencing a lack of energy? *
If Fit Body Boot Camp locations were to open up with safety and sanitization in the beginning of June would you feel comfortable attending boot camp? *
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