We are working on a survey in the UK & FR within the black consumer, on the topic of Haircare and skincare, we are looking at 500+ women to be interviewed. we are looking for YOU, YOUR SISTERS, YOUR AUNTS, YOUR MOTHERS to have a say, a voice into what you want and need.

If YOU want to take part on the survey to come out end of June, let us know and fill up this form, pass it on all your friends and family, the more the better. Your emails won't be used or shared with a theird party , it is just so we can get in touch to send you the final survey.

Think about it as an opportunity to tell your favourite brands, department stores and online retailers, what is it you really want? how you want to be represented? where do you want to shop? what brands should not be sold!
what product do you need?

How much is your pocket change worth to a retailer? a lot.
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