F3 Memphis Whetstone
A man must be sharpened like a knife blade.

A blade is sharpened by a whetstone. While water is used to lubricate the whetstone prior to sharpening that is not where the “whet” part comes from. To whet actually means to sharpen, like with a man’s appetite and his curiosity. In other words, to whet both blade and man is to put an edge on, with a result that is sharp, dynamic and ready to cut. The unsharpened man is dull and lethargic, in-Effective as a Leader and ill-Prepared for the Obstacles he will face in his life.

Just as a man’s appetite for pure food must be whetted, so must his appetite for the heavy responsibility that comes with Leadership . The Q acts as the Stone to the younger man’s Blade , providing the hard surface against which he becomes sharper and whetting his appetite for greater responsibility.

F3 Memphis desires for men to have a vertical relationship with another man that will challenge them and push them to be High Impact Men. Sign up here if you wish to be a whetstone or a blade.

For more information about the Whetstone, copy and paste this link in your browser: https://f3nation.com/2018/03/11/whetstone-q1-8/
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