WhiteCloud Fly Inc. New Customer Application帳戶申請表
Welcome to apply for shipping account. We provide our customers good shipping service and good discount of shipping fee. YOU WILL SAVE A LOT OF MONEY after using our shipping service. 谢谢您申请我们公司的邮寄帐户,我们提供您优质的邮寄服务及非常优惠的折扣价,在使用我们的帐户邮寄包裹后,您将大大的节省您的运费成本!
Client Information 客戶基本資料
Company Name
Customer Name
City, state, Zip
Phone Number
Email Address
Company Website
Please select the service you apply for 請選擇申請的服務:
What do you ship? 您郵寄哪些物品呢?
How many packages/ letters do you ship on average per week? 您或您的公司一週郵寄多少個包裹/信件?
What is your average weight per shipment? 您的每個包裹的平均重量是多少呢?
What method of shipping do you use most often on a scale of 1-5 ? (5 being the highest, 1 being the lowest) 您或您的公司在以下服務的使用頻率是如何呢?(5是最常使用,1是最少使用)
International (國際)
Overnight Shipping (隔天到)
2-3 Day Express Shipping (2-3天到)
Ground Shipping (陸運)
LTL/FTL Trucking (貨車/貨櫃)
USPS- First class (美國郵政普通郵件)
USPS- Priority mail (美國郵政優先郵件)
USPS- flat rate box
USPS- express (美國郵政快速郵件)
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What is the present average weekly spend with your shipping invoice?您或您的公司目前的每週運費發票花費約是多少?
What kind of business you or your company ship to ? 您或您的公司 郵寄的收件人是?
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Do you or your company have eCommerce business ? 您或您的公司 有電子商務嗎?
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What kind of eCommerce platform you use ? 您或您的公司 所使用的電子商務平台為何?(ex. Amazon, Etsy, eBay……)
If you or your company ships internationally, please fill out following questions如果您或您的公司需要進出口,煩請填寫以下問題:
What kind service you need or use for international shipping? 您或您的公司目前使用哪種服務來進行貨物的進出口?
-What countries do you or your company ship to most or import most from? 您或您的公司最常進出口的國家是哪個?
Thank you, your shipping account will be set up in 3-5 working days. 謝謝您的申請,您的申請將於3-5個工作天完成
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