How to Buy Tickets
All tickets are paperless; bank transfers of exact amounts are confirmed by email.
Please include the full names of all ticket holders for whom you are buying tickets, and at least one contact email address and phone number, below.

Please transfer the correct amount in Korean won for the number of tickets you are ordering to this bank account:
KB 567601-01-354497 Yun Hyun-young, Busan Climate Action Film Fest
a. Tickets for each movie are w10,000.

b. Tickets for the film festival launch party "Busan Veggie Fest 2015" are w20,000. This entitles you to the screening of the movie, and to join in the shared meal before the show. (Max. 50 tickets available)

c. Tickets for the Complete Set Deal are w30,000. Come to the vegetarian meal before the Friday showing, and all three movie sessions throughout that night and the next afternoon.

d. Film Festival Supporter: Donation from w10,000.
Thanks for your support! Your contribution helps us spread the word about climate change, lower greenhouse gas footprints, the impact of meat production, and more sustainable urban systems.

To buy tickets, please transfer the exact amount to the account listed above, and leave your name and email below, in this form.

We will email you the corresponding number of tickets.

Your e-ticket(s) will be checked online when you arrive at the door of the venue. We do not use paper tickets.
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