Venezuela's 2012 Presidential Elections: Voices and Visions from the Venezuelan Grassroots Movements and the Bolivarian Revolution

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Venezuela Elections-Webinar/Call Details

Below are the conference details.

The conference has audio and visual options available.

1. For audio every participant must takes these steps:

1. From your phone call the conference call number: 1-312-340-6650 (Midwest)
2. You will be asked to enter an access code. Enter the code : 630087 followed by the # sign. You will now enter the conference.

All participants will be muted except for the organizers. To un-mute yourself in order to comment or ask a question press *6 on your phone.

2. Visual option available which includes a Powerpoint presentation and live chat room. (phone and internet required)

To access the visual conference guide click on the link below:

You will enter a website where the organizers will be guiding you through a Powerpoint presentation while you listen on the phone conference audio line. You can ask questions via chat and use the “Raise Your Hand” feature to let organizers know you have a question or comment.

Afterwards we will have the materials and a recording of the call available for webinar participants.

Thank you for joining us tonight!

Tanya Cole-WFP-SW and Jeanette Charles-Chiapas Support Committee

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These years' elections in Venezuela hold a lot at stake for Latin America and the world. Internationally, the Venezuelan government and grassroots movements have taken lead building a path for sovereignty and liberation of all peoples. The Bolivarian Socialist Revolution under the symbol of Hugo Chavez, has guaranteed a plethora of social services through state missions, nationalized industries like oil production and has permitted that Venezuela engage and develop relationships with nations across the globe from the African to Asian continents without the interference of US intervention and international powers.

The elections on October 7th, look toward a consolidation of the people's process and defined a transition towards socialism. Every day, the people take to the streets, organizing and marching in the name of their political process, their collectives, community counsels, Red Points and at forums. And granted the large absence in US mass media, it's up to alternative media, community organizations and solidarity networks to create venues for the people's narrative to tell their story.

Jeanette Charles, Chiapas Support Committee--LA, is on the ground in Venezuela for these elections and with Tanya Cole, Witness for Peace-SW, will facilitate a webinar on the history of Venezuela's revolutionary process and the historical moment Venezuela is living facing these elections. (There will also be an announcement about how to become an election monitor in the Honduran 2012/2013 elections)

We hope that you will join us. Any questions feel free to email

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