Connect4 Internet Survey
***This is not an Empire Electric survey. Empire is distributing this survey on behalf of the
Montezuma Community Economic Development Association (MCEDA).

With our increasing reliance on the internet, community leaders are planning for the future, so our citizens have the same internet access as those living in larger urban areas. To guide the planning, we need your input. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your completed survey will be put into a drawing for a $200 Empire Electric Gift Card to be used for your electric bill.

Do you have internet at your home?
If NOT, why don’t you have it?
Do you operate a home-based business?
If you know your internet speed, please list ______________________________ You can take a free download / upload speedtest at:
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Are you satisfied with your internet speed?
Are you satisfied with the reliability of your internet service?
What do you currently pay per month for your internet?
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Do you feel your internet service provides good value:
If faster service was available would you be interested?
What would you be willing to pay for faster internet?
What bandwidth do you think you need?
How many internet connected devices do you have in your home / business? (Include cell phones, computers, Wifi devices, tablets, printers, security systems, game systems, smart TV’s, etc.)
What are the ages of the people living in your household? (check all that apply)
How do you use the internet? (Check all that apply)
Would you support an increase in sales tax in order to build a network that would make faster internet available to you?
If yes, then how much of an increase would you be willing to support?
What county do you live in?
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Please fill out your contact information if you would like to be added in the drawing for the $200 Empire gift card.
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