2019-2020 Placement Appeal/Change Request
The goal of the placement process is to recommend students for classes that challenge them and give them the best chance to succeed. However, we acknowledge that the criteria used to make these placements are not infallible and that there are other outside factors that families need to consider when reviewing these recommendations.

If you wish to request a change in your student’s placement (Math, Science, Social Studies, or English) please complete the form below. For multiple change requests, please submit each one individually.

Should you have questions or need further clarification about your student's placements, please contact Sara Thomas (Incoming Freshmen) Tara Jerbi (Future Sophomores) or Brian Gamlin (Future Juniors & Seniors) at the emails below:

sara.thomas@bps101.net tara.jerbi@bps101.net brian.gamlin@bps101.net

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In requesting this change, I acknowledge that I am requesting to go against the placement recommendation made by the High School. Additionally, I acknowledge that if the change to my student's schedule is made, a level change back to the original placement will not be possible. *
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