TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte Program Evaluation
It is the goal of TEAM TUMBLEBUS to provide the BEST extracurricular programming, events, and parties for children in a manner that exemplifies a high standard of excellence. Please take 1-2 minutes of your time to complete this quick 11-question survey to let us know how we're doing.
1.Which TUMBLEBUS South Charlotte program does/did your child participate in?
2. How would you rate TEAM TUMBLEBUS?
3. How would you describe the PROGRAM CONTENT/ Lesson Plans (The feedback you get from your kids?)
4. How would you rate the TEAM TUMBLEBUS COMMUNICATION Newsletter for this program?
5. Is the Newsletter/ Weekly Picture Updates helpful to keep you informed about the happenings of TUMBLEBUS?
6. Please comment on the VALUE for your MONEY for this program.
7. How would you describe the REGISTRATION/ PAYMENT PROCESS for the program?
8. Our mission is to provide a variety of enjoyable activities for kids that integrate learning, fitness, and literacy by creating a safe atmosphere, where instructors take pride in making sure kids learn, have fun, and get fit simultaneously. Do you think we uphold our mission?
9.What are the strengths of this program?
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10. What are some of your SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS for TEAM TUMBLEBUS? Any Other Comments?
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11. Please check all of the true statements that resonate with you.
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