Which Cloud Survey
Thank you for your interest in the Which Cloud Survey. By completing this survey, you are providing our Cloud Advisors with the baseline information needed to discuss and recommend cloud solutions that help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

Looking beyond familiarity and cost, this survye covers multiple facets of your business and your technology ecosystem -- current and planned.

Please plan on spending about 45 minutes answering the questions.

You will notice that only the basic demographic questions are required. This gives you the flexibility to provide as much, or as little, information as you prefer. Please note, however, the more information you provide -- the more we know -- the better our assessment and recommendations.

A Cumulus Global Cloud Advisor will contact you shortly, typically within 3 business days, to arrange a free Cloud Advisor session via voice or video conference. This Cloud Advisor session will review our assessment and recommendations based on the answers you have provided.

If you have questions at any time during the process, please contact us at 866-256-1202 option 1, or by email at info@cumulusglobal.com. Ask to speak with one of our Cloud Advisors.

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