North American Grinspoon Award for Excellence in Jewish Education: Recognizing San Diego's K-8 Multi-Institution & Independent Educators

This award will celebrate K-8 Multi-Institution & Independent Educators.

Educators should complete the form themselves providing the information required.

Eligibility criteria:

1. Candidates must currently be employed as a Jewish educator and have contact hours with the same group of students on a regular basis. (Daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.)

2. Candidates must independently offer (private or self organized) class groups and/or teach in multiple programs offered by Jewish institutions; 2 or more institutions/schools/programs.

3. Candidates should demonstrate innovative, creative thinking and implementation of teaching methods and materials, and the demonstrated ability to make a positive impact on their students' lives.

Applications are due by Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 at midnight.

One educator will be awarded $1,000 in recognition of their work. The winner will be notified by Monday, May 8. Additional honorary awards may be made based on the applicant pool as well.

Educators will be invited for a celebration to honor Jewish educators in the community and to recognize the winner and additional honorees.


Basic Information
Educator's full name:
First and last name, ex. "John Whittaker."
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Educator phone number:
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Email address:
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Educator's specialty:
Please indicate the subject matter(s) you taught/are teaching
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Class Types & Ages
Describe the teaching you do/did weekly, bi-monthly or monthly from 5/2016-5/2017
Specialist throughout the year
Independent Group/Private (Self Marketed)
Hired by/Staff for Congregational/Synagogue part-time or Sunday school program
Hired by/Staff for after school or before school Jewish enrichment program
Specialist Resource
If you are a regular resource in several settings, please indicate below in what capacity and for what age groups. Please feel free to elaborate here if you have a special skill with certain age group.
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Locations and Size of Student Groups
Please list all schools by name and/or if an independent/private group indicate the name of the class offered or program name. Beside each one indicate how many students you teach/taught in each group by location. Focus on the year 5/2016-5/2017
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Educator Questions
Explain one innovative program or practice that you have created and implemented and how it has impacted your students.
Please write a complete paragraph of at least five sentences.
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Describe what your students learn and what you expect they may retain from your program.
Please write a complete paragraph of at least five sentences. Speak to the value of the learning in your program here. The impact.
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What do you hope your students will remember and say about you in the future?
Please write a complete paragraph of at least five sentences.
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What has changed in your teaching strategies in the past 3 years.
Please write a complete paragraph of at least five sentences. Describe why your teaching has evolved this way and the impact of your change on student learning and retention.
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Provide a reference: Name, Role, Phone and Email Address
Provide the name and/or reference of a parent/customer or manager who can share their enthusiasm for your wonderful work.
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Please list your past awards or commendations as an educator.
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Anything else we should know and consider? (optional):
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