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Sahaya is a voluntary & non-profit organization (yet to be registered) established by Kannan (Kay) Sundararajan with great support and encouragements from few like minded colleagues 8-Nov-2012.

From July 2016, Sahaya will start a special campaign "Be Safe! Be there to save". Through this campaign Sahaya, in partnership with ALERT - A Non-Government Organization, will build awareness to adults and youth (above 14 years) on the aspects of first-aid and lifesaving skills (Be Safe!). As it is said and believed, Safety begins at home and every family must be aware of the aspect of being safe, take preventive care in avoiding accidents and be educated about how to respond should it occur (Be there to Save!); be it at home, in the road, at school or at the workplace.

Kannan (Kay) Sundararajan, being a running enthusiast, will attempt to run a full marathon distance of 42 kms every weekend for 42 consecutive weeks in 42 different places in Bangalore and other cities to build awareness to motorists, pedestrians and general public. During the campaign Orange and Yellow safety pledge cards (goal is to distribute 50,000 cards within the 42 weeks) will be distributed.

What can YOU do?

Sahaya is looking for volunteers who can help in coordinating the "42-42-42 running" in large apartment complexes (>500 residents and there is at least 2 kms safe running route)
coordinate campaigns withing running groups with >10 runners with the participation from their friends and family members.


* you can join the rest of the Sahayans to be part of this difference attend first-aid & CPR training
add your name to the blood donors list
* make financial contributions to support this campaign - especially to print the Orange & Yellow pledge cards (Rs. 3-4 / card)
* if you are a runner (short distance or long - it really doesn't matter how long you can run), you can be part of the 42-42-42 running and promote the important safety awareness message
* finally, pledge to Be Safe! Be there to Save!

Questions and suggestions?
contact: Kannan Sundararajan | | +919980890374

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