OSF2019 — Podcasts
Please read through all the information below before sending your application :–)

* To apply, you’ll be required to share some business details, images and other necessary information. We'd suggest preparing your details before you start the application process.
* Information about your podcast will be communicated in the language which you are holding it. Please use one of the following languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English.
* Fields marked with * are required to submit form.
* Please keep within the character limit when required.
* If any fields do not apply to you, write N/A.

Once you complete your application, you will receive a confirmation; a ‘Thank you!’ message will be displayed on the screen once you hit the Send button. You will also receive a confirmation via e-mail.

We receive a lot of applications, and appreciate your patience as we thoroughly process each application individually, and with great care and consideration. We respond to ALL applicants, successful or not, and aim to have responded to you all two weeks after the applications closing date (see website for details). We contact you on the email address provided in the form, so be sure to note down an address you frequently use. If you haven't heard from us three weeks after applications close, please let us know! If your application is successful we will provide you with all the necessary event information.

Important note!
* Please consider the quality and size of the images you submit; make sure your images are high res.
* The photos you use in your application will be used to represent your brand in OSF's marketing, which goes out to thousands of people; Instagram, Facebook, website, newsletter and printed in our 2019 Festival Magazine.
* We would love it if you upload photos showing both product and in-use (example: skein and sweater).
* Please name your photos Podcast_Name and Podcast_SpeakerName. Include descriptive photos to show the essence of the podcast, and a photo of yourself. You can also leave photo descriptions in ‘Other Information’ application if necessary.
* If we need additional or new information / images we will contact you.
* All applicants must be in line with OSF's focus on sustainability, ethical production and knitting as a traditional, yet trendy craft

If you want to contribute with more than one thing, great! Please send one application per contribution :-)

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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