Presbytery of East Iowa Mission/Social Justice Initiative Grant Application - 2020
Only PC(USA) churches, PC(USA)-affiliated organizations, PC(USA) church members, or PC(USA) minister members within the Presbytery of East Iowa (PEIA) are eligible to apply for Mission/Social Justice Initiative Grants from the PEIA.

Anyone who receives a grant from the PEIA is required to share something with the PEIA about the mission/social justice initiative. This could be an article written for distribution by the PEIA, tabling or presenting at a PEIA meeting, leading a training within the PEIA, or any other creative means of sharing what you have learned and experienced.

Please note that these grants are not available for personal sabbatical or recreational experiences.

For 2020, grant applications will be reviewed by the Mission and Social Justice Team on a rolling basis until funds are depleted. If approved, a check will be mailed to applicant as soon as possible.
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Name of Applicant(s)
Describe how you and your group (if applicable) is PC(USA) related and connected to the Presbytery of East Iowa *
Describe in detail your mission/social justice initiative. Please include the purpose of the initiative, how this initiative relates to your own ministry, and how this initiative furthers the overall mission of the PC(USA) - locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally. *
What are the anticipated dates of your initiative? *
List any partners with whom you anticipate collaborating (i.e. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Habitat for Humanity, Presbyterian Women, a government agency, another church or not-or-profit)
How many participants do you anticipate? *
What is the total anticipated cost of the mission/social justice initiative? *
List all others sources of financial support you have or will pursue and any already secured support. Please include expected participant contribution and contribution from your church/ organization. *
What is the exact amount you are seeking from the PEIA? *
Should your grant be approved, to whom should the check be written and to where should it be mailed?
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Use this space to share anything else you want us to consider as we review your application.
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