RES 2020 Preschool Online Registration
Roundstone Elementary School 2020 Preschool Online Registration Form
Preschool - Rockcastle County Schools
Rockcastle County Schools offers free early childhood education services to all four year old children who have a residence in the county. Three year old children who reside in the county may be eligible with an identified disability.
To be eligible for Rockcastle County Public Preschool, your child must be 4 years old by August 1st. Other criteria listed below but not mandatory are:

1. Income eligible (160% of the poverty guidelines)
2. Have a disability in one of the five areas:
1. Speech and Language
2. Large and Fine Motor Skills
3. Cognitive Skills
4. Social and Emotional
5. Adaptive Skills
3. Three year old children may be eligible with an identified disability
(4. Non-qualifying four year old children may attend Preschool program as space allows)

Determining Eligibility for Preschool

Please know that determining eligibility for preschool services is a multi-step process that takes time. Children may qualify income eligible or with an identified need. All potential preschoolers participate in a screening as part of the enrollment process. Completing this form is the first step in the process for preschool.

Children participating in the school screening will be assessed using a developmental screening tool. Children are screened in the five areas of development including;
• Social-Emotional
• Adaptive
• Motor (fine and gross)
• Cognitive
• Communication (Speech and Language.)
Health Requirements
The following must be met for successful enrollment in the Rockcastle County Schools Preschool Program:

Physical Exam
Dental Exam
Vision Exam

*We understand that because of COVID-19 and the CDC Guidelines, this may prove difficult to get in the near future and Rockcastle County Schools will be flexible in the timeline of submitting those requirements.
For Any Questions Regarding Enrollment or Completing The Form
Please call Chris Bishop at 606-256-2235 or email at You can also contact the preschool teacher at
Child's Full Legal Name (First, Middle, Last) *
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Child's Date of Birth *
Child's Gender *
Child's Ethnicity *
Child's Ethnicity - Please Check All That Apply *
Has your child attended a preschool program before? *
Parents or Legal Guardians' Names *
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Are there any custody issues? *
Please explain the custody situation if it applies? *
Child's Physical Home Address, City, State, Zip Code *
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Do you have concerns with your child's development? *
If you marked yes for the question above please share your concerns here about your child's development? *
The following information is used o determine if your child may be eligible for preschool services based on the house hold income. How may total children and adults live in your household? *(Make sure to include any extended family or friends that lives in the household and contributes to expenses as well.)* *
The following information is kept confidential and is used to determine if your child may be eligible for preschool services based on the household income. What is the total household estimated annual gross income (before deductions)? *Please skip if you do not wish to answer. *
Do you receive benefits through SNAP and/or KTAP? SNAP is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps) / KTAP is Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program * *
Does your child attend daycare? *
If you answered yes to the question above please provide the name of the daycare. *
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