2023 CSA Program (Home Delivery)
Fill out this form if you are interested in signing up for a CSA share from our farm in 2023 and would like that share delivered. If you prefer to pick up your share at Field Good Farms each week, please fill out this form.

While filling out this form does not guarantee you will have a share with us, it does ensure that we know you are interested :).  

If you plan to split your share with another person or household, please enter the full name of additional shareholder(s) separated by a comma (ie. full name1, full name2).

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By providing your email address you are opting into the Field Good Farms e-newsletter. We’ll send you up-to-date information about the CSA, recipes, and tips (each Friday prior to delivery). We won’t share your email with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time.

You may enter more than one email address to keep additional shareholders informed of CSA reminders and other updates (ex. person1@email.ca, person2@email.ca).
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We will only use your phone number to contact you regarding important matters such as delivery updates/changes and payments.
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Select the CSA season(s) you are interested in.  We reserve the right to change the price up until the invoice is sent but will only do so if absolutely necessary.
Options below marked *Sold Out* are full for the 2023 season.  However, please feel free to select those options if you would like to be placed on our waiting list.
We offer one share size per CSA "season" (hereby referred to as "share'').

The length and price for each season is listed next to the options in the previous section.

The quantity of available shares varies from season to season, but are limited, so you may get one "season" and not another. 

This form is for shares to be delivered to your door, so please make sure your address is correct. A delivery fee will automatically be added to your share based on whether the share is delivered to a rural ($9.50+HST/delivery) or urban ($6.50+HST/delivery) address as defined by our mapping.

A $50 non-refundable deposit per season is required to hold the share. An invoice for the deposit(s) will be sent to existing customers within five (5) business days of filling out this sign-up form. The remaining balance will be invoiced two (2) months prior to the start of each CSA season with the balance due within 30 days of receipt. Special arrangements can be made with those needing to pay via instalments (email us if this is the case). Invoices must be paid in full by the due date on the invoice.

If you are a returning customer and do not receive an invoice within five (5) business days, please email us at info@fieldgoodfarms.ca.

We accept online transfer payments. Otherwise known as e-transfers, they are set up via your online banking service. Further details about this payment method, including the password, can be found in the email that will contain the invoice. We also accept post-dated cheques, however, bounced cheques will result in an additional fee of $30.  

We ask that you do not send cash through the mail. If you wish to pay cash, you may call us to arrange a time and place for the exchange.

We will only send you an email reminder if you fail to provide a payment, so it is a good idea to pay right away or set yourself a calendar reminder.
I would like to donate to the Field Good Farms Ecology Fund, which will be put towards projects that benefit wildlife biodiversity on the farm (ie. planting trees, building a natural pond, rain water capture, birdhouses, etc.). This amount will be added to your invoice. *
The farmers of Field Good Farms promise to responsibly manage the CSA and to serve the membership by applying their farming knowledge and efforts to the production of fresh produce to be distributed fairly amongst the CSA membership.

I understand that this form is the first step towards becoming a CSA Member, and that I am not an official shareholder until I have paid in full.

I understand that as a CSA Member with Field Good Farms, I am an investor, a shareholder in both the bounty and the financial risks of the farming season. I understand that nature ultimately decides what I will receive and when I will receive it.

I understand that Field Good Farms does not offer refunds, although CSA shares may be transferred if I am unable or unwilling to continue my subscription and I understand that I am responsible for finding someone to buy out my share.

After clicking SUBMIT, please scroll up to receive confirmation.
I have read, understand, and accept the CSA Agreement above. *
Thanks / Merci / Miigwetch!
- The team at Field Good Farms
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