Atlantic Center for Learning Communities 2017 Curriculum Planning Retreat: Bridging Cultural Divides through Integrative Learning
The 17th annual Atlantic Center for Learning Communities (ACLC) Curriculum Planning Retreat will be held October 18-20, 2017, at Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford, CT. We are seeking proposals for workshops that fall within the general theme of “Bridging Cultural Divides through Integrative Learning.” How do practitioners of learning communities consciously address and actively seek to help bridge political, economic, racial, ethnic, gender, religious and other “divides”? What successes and challenges do we face when encountering such divides in our learning communities? How do faculty, staff and administrators model community that is committed to bridging such divides? How do students in our learning communities become empowered to begin their own collective work on bridging divides? How do we work together to empower each other to begin and/or continue the work of addressing these divides?

ACLC Retreat workshops are designed to be interactive, with the goal of providing participants with practical applications based on solid learning community research and principles. Workshops are offered in blocks of 75 or 120 minutes. Facilitators focus on sharing best practices and research from the field while engaging participants in active discussion and/or hands-on training. Participants should leave each workshop with a better understanding of a particular practice and with tools to take to their home institutions. Facilitators do not read papers or lecture to participants. Preference will be given to proposals submitted by representatives from more than one institution. Student participation in workshops is welcomed and encouraged as another level of community and collaboration. Proposals featuring student work/artifacts will be given special consideration.

We especially welcome proposals on the following topics:
 Integration of disciplines and assignments
 Support of underserved student populations
 Activism and/or community outreach embedded in learning communities
 Integration of the arts and sciences
 Student leadership and peer mentoring in learning communities
 Unconventional collaborations and innovations
 Assessment in and of learning communities

Please submit your complete workshop proposal using the template below. The deadline for proposal submissions is Friday, June 2, 2017. More information about the Atlantic Center for Learning Communities and the 2017 Curriculum Planning Retreat can be found at Questions? Please email Brad Hollingshead at or Terry Novak at

Open call for Samples of Success: Attendees are encouraged to bring artifacts of successful learning community work to share with other LC colleagues at the retreat: videos of class activities and/or student presentations, samples of student work and assignments, etc. These will be shared during the Wednesday evening reception. You do not need to submit a proposal for this session.

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