FinShi Capital Translate BOUNTY
2% of the bounty pool to be allocated to this Comments-campaign (12000 - 36000 tokens)
We expect no more than 12 followers on Translate. If it comes to this, you will still get at least $1000

1. The target language must be native to you
2. What do you need to translate - whitepaper, bitcointalk, website, social networks posts
3. Link to participate: this form
4. We will only invite 12 people (all registered)

You can join our bounty at any time. Though the sooner you do it, the more you will get

The list of participants is being updated and verificated once per week. Link here:
The final list of tokens owned by each partner will be available in 10 days after the ICO
Our tokens will be available in the Investor's Personal Account (will be ready soon), that's why we need your personal e-mail. You will also be able to transfer tokens to you personal wallet from there.
Thank you for your participation to our bounty-campaign! You can see statistics here: And join our Telegram:

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