How do you use AWS Lambda?
At GitLab we are looking into supporting AWS Lambda users in the near future and would like to learn your usage habits.

By answering the following questions, you help us a lot in understanding AWS Lambda usage in the wild, and can drive our product directions. All the results (except for optional e-mail addresses asked as the last question) will be made public by the end of October, so everyone can learn from this survey.
What role fits you best when you think about AWS Lambda? *
This survey is aimed at developers and operation people. If you are neither of them, but sometimes play with AWS Lambda, please, either choose the one that best fits you or come back another time.
Do you use AWS Lambda in production environments? *
For how long have you been using AWS Lambda actively? *
What kind of company do you work for on the AWS Lambda platform? *
Please, choose the biggest company where true.
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