B2. 術業有專攻 vs. 我們樣樣通/ One is one vs. All-in-one
地點: B.B.ART (台南市中西區民權路二段48號)
日期:11.11 週六
入場方式: 需報名,現場付費 50元整( 三日聯票手環及單日票卷免費入場)

音樂人和中間人的情仇愛恨,到底中間人存在的必要性為何? 我們將邀請具有實戰經驗的獨立音樂人和經紀公司代表來做一場有意義的辯論,希望能讓音樂人找到適合自己的模式。

講者:于陽 - 迷笛音樂節(中國)/李孝祖 草東沒有派對 (台灣)/ Asaf ben David - inDnegev 音樂節 (以色列)/ Andy Jones - FOCUS Wales (英國)

Location: B.B.ART (No. 48, Section 2, Minquan Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 70050)
DATE: 11.11 (SAT)
TIME: 12:00-13:00
Entrance: NTD 50, registration required (free entrance with 3 day-pass or 1 day pass on 11.11)

A middleman can be seen as a mediator. The mediator includes labels, managers, booking agencies. General speaking, there is a clearer division of labor in Europe and the United States; but in Asia, it is a trend to be a all-in-one model - band or a company covers all the jobs. Consequently, many bands manage themselves like a company using a multidimensional business model.
Owing to the love-hate relationship between musicians and mediators, we invite the representatives of indie musicians, managers, and someone who does very specific jobs or someone who does everything to have a meaningful debate on the necessity of having mediators. We hope this debate would help musicians and industry find their own way.

Panelist: Yu Yang- Midi festival (China)/ Shao-zu Lee - No party for Cao dong (Taiwan)/ Asaf ben David - inDnegev Festival (Israel) /Andy Jones - FOCUS Wales (UK)

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