Girl Scout Gold Award Art Show Curriculum
Hi, I'm Marillah K. and these activities are part of my Girl Scout Gold Award.  They are written for the traveling art show, Artifacts of Human Trafficking, Since we are all being asked to stay at home, we've moved the show online.  The following Form will ask you questions about some of the works in the show and give you space to answer.  Some activities are for partners or families.  If you would like to share more with me, feel free to send me an email at  Thank you for being part of this important project and helping spread the word about the horrors of human trafficking. The activities are geared toward ages 10-17 but all are welcome!
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Carrying Our Secrets
What are the things tied to you that you regret, feel sad about, or like you just can't tell anyone else?
Why do you think Madison has a weight hanging from her braid?       Imagine having a really heavy weight tied to your head, and always having it with you. Draw how that would make you feel. Email me your drawings!
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Lyle Adair

Educated at The University of Texas,
Adair turned to copper sculpture in 1998.
His works range from utilitarian objects to
award winning sculptures shown in galleries
and art shows across Texas.

Know the Signs of Trafficking
Look at the following two artworks with a partner and then use the interview questions below.
The Silenced
The Silenced

Zen Van Loan

Mixed Media

Multi-media artist and film maker
Zen Van Loan uses various mediums
to provoke an emotional response from
the viewer.   As the mother of a young
girl, the subject matter of the exhibition
is especially poignant for her.

It's My Body
It's My Body
Kelsey Tasch
Mixed Media

World travel with her family inspires and
informs Tasch’s art which calls attention
to lesser-known issues.  She studies at McCallum
High School in the Visual Arts program.

Get a partner and have one person ask the other person the following questions. If you are the askee, decide in your mind if you are being trafficked and answer accordingly. The asker will decide whether you are a trafficking victim or not.                                          
Exploring Our Emotions
The Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity.
Does the Stockholm Syndrome Exist?  by Maria Elena Vargas                                                                                           Look at the painting, why do you think her hands are tied?_________________________________________________________                                                                                        How would you feel if your hands were tied?              Angry? Trapped? Annoyed?                                                      What would you do if someone trapped you in a room and tied your hands and feet?  Cry? Get Angry? Try to get loose?                                                                                                                                                                                             Imagine that you were kept away from your family for a month, in a room all by yourself where the only person you saw each day was your captor.  Do you think you would begin to like the person or look forward to seeing them?
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Does the Stockholm syndrome Exist?

Maria Vargas
Acrylic on canvas

Interested in painting and photography, Vargas
Magna uses both to express the surroundings in
her native Mexico.  She attributes her studies in
2007 at the Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany, with the development of her current
painting style.
How Do you Help Someone Being Trafficked?
Look at the next two artworks and answer the questions below.
Jet Black
Jet Black
Ginny Barrett
Mixed Media

A native of Spring, Texas, Barrett earned
a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from
Texas Tech University and holds a Master
of Intercultural Ministries from Golden Gate
Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master
of Education from Texas State.
Joe Grady Moore, III
Mixed Media Sculpture

A native Austinite, Moore is an educator,
artist, actor, and recovering sexual
abuse survivor.
How Do Help Someone Being Trafficked?
View These Works and Think About What They Say to You
Josh Baker
Photo on Metallic Lustre

A degree in Communications from the University
of Texas set Baker on a course to tell stories through photography.  He finds fulfillment in his work by
bringing the ideas of clients to life in photographic print.

Free Falling
Free Falling
Rhea Pettit
Oil on canvas

Pettit holds a degree in graphic design from
the University of Texas at Austin.  After 25
years as a professional graphic designer, she
made the transition to painting full-time in 2016, and her artistic interest is people and other species.

Kelsey Tasch

World travel with her family inspires and
informs Tasch’s art which calls attention
to lesser-known issues.  She studies at McCallum
High School in the Visual Arts program.
Tell us what these works made you think of or about.  How did you feel after looking at them?  What words came to your mind?
Keeping Yourself Safe
When you view iPadphile, think about your own use of social media.  Then look at Do Not Go Gently and consider how often you take chances that might be dangerous. Activity below.
Helen Buck

Mixed Media

Midwestern roots and studies at the
University of Cincinnati influenced Buck’s
use of two-dimensional images to create a
fresh perspective and give the viewer a singular
vision of the world.  She works in oil, acrylic
and mixed media.

Do Not Go Gentle
Do Not Go Gentle
Skye Hopsod


A senior fine arts major at McCallum
High School in Austin, Texas, Skye plans to
study math and art in college.  She also wants
to apprentice and work as a tattoo artist.
Have you ever...
If you checked four or more of these and do not have parental controls on your phone and do not share your location with your family, you are at risk for being a trafficking victim.  Read more about how to protect yourself here: This article is from South Africa but it is great, the only change would be to text or call our National Trafficking Hotline 233-733, 1-888-373-7888.
Hidden in Plain Sight
Isolation: when you feel all by yourself, even if there are others around

Desperation: when you will do anything to get what you need or want

Despair: when you feel very sad and think you will never feel better

Since you are not able to actually get into the Isolation Room, go into a closet, or pantry, shut the door, turn off the light, and use a flashlight to look around.  Ask your family to walk around and talk outside the room where you are.  Imagine what it is like to be hidden in plain sight.  What if you were a trafficking victim that everyone could see but no one knew your secret?  You could hear and see them talking all around you but felt powerless to speak to them.

Isolation Room
Isolation Room
Inside the Isolation Room
Isolation Room
Amie Stone King

Interested in collage and installation art and trained in drama, King employs a certain theatricality in her work which invites the viewer not only to look but to participate with mind, body and spirit.  She holds a BFA in Theatre and MA in Art Museum Education from the University of Texas at Austin.
When you are inside the room you chose in your home, a closet, pantry, small bathroom, looking around with a flashlight and hearing your family walk around and talk outside...How does it make you feel to be trapped?  What do you see, hear, and smell?  What is your response to being in this place?  Do you want to get out?  Does it look comfortable at all? How do you feel about being inside while everyone else is outside?
This work was created by artist and curator of the show Amie Stone King.  She began her creative process with the story Sold, written one night as she waited to cross Sixth St. in Austin, Texas. From there she worked with photographer Geoff Hammond to create a photo narrative.  Her 3D installation piece, Isolation Room offers an invitation for all to enter the world of trafficking, experience isolation, and to feel hidden in plain sight.

I'll never forget what happened in that room. Well, not exactly a room, more like a bunker, a cell, prison.  Not a normal kind of prison, though. Not one that closes you in with walls but one where they have a hold on your mind. It can almost be worse than a cage when they're inside your head. Talking, always talking, telling you these horrible things, lies, and you believe them because they're the only contact you have. Well, at least until they put you out on the street.

That's almost refreshing because at least you can see the sun, something that you occasionally see through the tiny window near the ceiling where they keep you. And you're so numb by that point, no, not even numb, that's not the right word.  You're gone. You're soulless.  They own you, but not just your body, they own who you are, the deepest parts of you. You're a robot, a trained pet playing a part. You forget that you're human.  You forget that there is something outside of this absolute living hell that you occupy every single day that there is something else beyond the blocks, the chains, the ridiculousness of it all.  How can some other human being actually do this to you? Control you like a puppet, a living doll.

But this only occurs to you in those very quiet, stolen moments when you catch a glimpse of your actual self. You wonder how you got here but strangely never consider how you'll get out because you're so resigned to this being your life.  

You are sold.

Photography by Geoff Hammond
Photo by Geoff Hammond
Photo by Geoff Hammond
Post-It Note Reflection
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Did you know we all have a Human Trafficking Footprint?
What is your Human Trafficking Footprint?
Being aware of your surrounding isn’t only about keeping yourself safe.  Sometimes it’s about noticing employee’s feelings or their working conditions.  The total slavery footprint represents the number of forced laborers that were likely to be involved in creating and manufacturing the products you buy.

Stand in front of your mirror and think about...
Thank you for being part of my Girl Scout Gold Award project!  --Marillah
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