2022 TAM Service Award
The TAM Service Award recognizes and honors an outstanding individual who, as a supplier to the printing ink industry, has played a major role in the progress of printing ink technology. Printing ink manufacturers, with the help of their suppliers, transform chemical raw materials into useful industrial end-products vital to the existence of the graphic arts. This complex conversion requires a high order of scientific competence achieved through research and development. New applications of raw materials, new methods of production, and new achievements in performance and service to the users (made possible by the dedicated service of the supplier industry’s technical personnel) have all contributed to the vitality of the ink industry today.
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I would like to nominate the following person for the NAPIM's TAM Service Award. *
1. As a supplier to the printing ink industry, the nominee has made the following significant contributions to the well being of the printing ink industry. *
2. Nominee has published the following articles, papers, and/or patents contributing to the advancement of printing ink technology as a supplier to the printing ink industry. (Disclosure of proprietary work is not required; please describe in general or generic terms.) *
3. Nominee has participated in the following lectureships, seminars and similar educational activities for further dissemination of the knowledge of ink technology and/or management expertise. (Please include teaching at bona fide colleges or other educational institutions.) *
4.  Nominee has served NAPIM and/or NPIRI in the following capacities (committee member, task force assignments, etc., etc.). (NAPIM or NPIRI Service is not required but may be helpful.) List dates if possible. *
5. Nominee has contributed to the development and dissemination of printing ink technology knowledge through the following activities and has represented the interest of the printing ink industry to allied graphic arts associations (officer, committee assignment, etc. and dates.) *
6. Other technological contributions and achievements.
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