Project Proposals: May 2018 UMichigan Bioinformatics Hackathon
Using the short form below, propose a bioinformatics tool or pipeline to build at the University of Michigan Hackathon (May 14-16, 2018).

These tools should be:
* Broadly applicable to at least part of the bioinformatics community
* Able to be completed or prototyped over the course of 3 days with a team of bioinformatics trainees.

Having a team lead dramatically increases the probability that the project will be a go. If you are nervous about volunteering, shoot us an e-mail and we can help find a co-lead (and provide some coaching) -

Learn. Network. Build.
The final push...
What is the goal of an NCBI hackathon?
The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has been hosting hackathons at institutions around the US for several years.

The goal of these hackathons is to facilitate the assembly of teams of genomics or bioinformatics professionals and software developers to rapidly prototype bioinformatics software:

The structure of the hackathons encourages collaboration across fields of expertise and levels of training (undergraduate through senior developer).

What is the role of a team lead?
Hackathon team leads are typically local post-docs, faculty members, or senior professionals who have an exciting project that they believe could be completed or prototyped over the course of 3 days with a team of bioinformatics trainees.

There are only two rules governing the design of the projects:
1) Data either must be housed in public data repositories or deposited in such repositories shortly after the hackathon’s conclusion.
2) All software comprising the final pipeline must be open-source or open-use. 

The NCBI hackathon organizer, Dr. Ben Busby, chooses projects that look promising and follows up with team leaders to discuss the proposed plan in more depth.

Following the solicitation of participants for the hackathon, the team leads select 4–6 people for their teams, plus an alternate.

During the 3 day hackathon, team leads ensure the success of their team by making sure tasks are clearly defined and delegated while incorporating team members’ ideas to accomplish project goals.

All the members of each team contribute to the final documentation for the project, which can include software report manuscripts submitted to journals, as well as markdown or wiki documentation on GitHub. 

Propose a project!
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Do you have a team lead for this project
A team leader is responsible for proposing a project for the event and having a clear vision for developing a solution. To accomplish their goal team leader is responsible for leading their team of 5-6 individuals at the event - this means clearly defining and delegating tasks, incorporating team members’ ideas to accomplish the goal at stake, and ensuring success of the team.
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