Microgrants Application Feedback
This is an opportunity for you to give us feedback on our application process. We welcome any input you have to share on your experience applying for our services, and any suggestions you may have. This feedback is helpful whether you were able to get your application in or not!
How long have you been watching the application/waiting to apply for our services?
Is there anything confusing about the application?
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Since our services currently require an online application, how easily can you access the internet?
Are you looking for financial assistance for your documents, support figuring out the process to update them in your location, or both?
Do you need to fill out the application over the phone in order to apply for our services, because of your access needs? If so please include your name, phone number, and a good time/day to reach you.
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If you have a need to fill out the application on the phone because of access needs, what is the easiest way for you to sign up for that?
Would the application opening at a different time of day be easier for you?
Would you rather:
Anything else to share?
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