2022-11-21 My ViewPoint Survey
2022-11-21 My ViewPoint Survey
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Name a place in your house u store things that you can't bear to throw out.
Name a famous sky scraper.
Name a movie that had incredible special effects.
Name an animal you can sit and watch for hours at the zoo.
Name an office product you find on a receptionist's desk.
What's the minimum amount of pair of shoes that a person should own.
Name a reason people go to New England to visit.
Name a gossip magazine you find at the check out.
Name a famous person with "ICE" in their name.
Name a series finale that people disliked how it ended.
Name someone you hire that can help to improve your life.
Name a physical description someone would use to describe the grim reaper.
Name a movie in which the characters interacted with an angel or angels.
Name a character that played on the sitcom "Cheers".
Name something you find in the fruit section at a grocery store.
Name something that breaks down at the worst possible time.
Name a Matthew McConaughey movie.
Other than clumsy, give a word that you would use to describe a clumsy person.
Name something you find in a kitchen junk drawer.
Other than cactus, name something you find in the desert.
Name a chore around the house that is stereo typically "men's work".
Name something you make with snow other than a snowman.
Name a famous landmark in Washington D.C.
Name an e-mail service provider hardly anyone uses anymore.
Name a type of mushroom.
Name a food or beverage that is hard to find outside the state of Michigan.
Name something you don’t like if it’s too long.
Name someplace specific in your house where you might hide money.
Name something you hate doing after a long day at work.
Name a beer you won’t drink no matter how cheap it is.
Past or present name a rapper that almost everyone has heard of.
Name something you would find at the North Pole.
Name something you wouldn’t want to sit down on.
Name a brand of energy drink.
Name an instrument in an orchestra pit.
What month during a snowy winter in the north are you ready to go south for the sunshine?
Name something you would never want to do in the nude.
Name a popular movie about football.
Name a store that people that like to do DIY projects frequent often.
Name a MALE Disney Villain.
Name something that looks sexy in the color red.
Past or present name a TV series about time travel.
Name a bird known for their excellent eyesight.
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