The Haven at Glendale Church of the Nazarene- Scholarship Application
5902 W. Cactus Rd
Glendale, AZ 85304

Scholarship Opportunities-
The Church Board at Glendale Nazarene has set aside scholarship funds that provide financial resources to be awarded to undergraduate, graduate, and trade school students. The value of each scholarship may vary according to the level of study the student may be enrolled in.

Application Procedure-
1. Applicants may request an online or paper application from the Church Office.
2. Completed applications must be returned to the Scholarship Committee at the Haven office upon completion and will be reviewed monthly. Please check with the Haven office that your application has been received by the Scholarship Committee. It is preferred that applications be typed. Additional paper may be used if completing the application on paper and more room is needed for any responses. It is most important that your responses are detailed and complete to help the Scholarship Committee better know you. Any questions should be directed to the Scholarship Committee.
3. After reviewing all applications, the Scholarship Committee will contact all applicants by Email.
4. This applications is for one academic semester/term, however a student may reapply in following semesters/terms if qualifications are met, not to exceed 2 awards per school year.

1. Be a regular attender for at least 12 months prior to application and continuously through the award period.
2. Support the mission and ministry of the Church through active participation in church events and ministries.
3. Be enrolled in, and provide written confirmation to the Scholarship Committee, of an accredited post-high school education program (ie. Trade School, Community College, College/University-Bachelor's Degree, University- Master's Degree) and provide written documentation of financial responsibility to the institution in which enrolled.
4. Complete and submit the written application (online or paper version).
5. If award is granted, recipient must remain enrolled in the accredited institution identified in the application for the entire term unless unforeseen circumstances hinder the applicant from completing the term. Withdrawal from the program/institution without cause may require the applicant to return any unused funds to the Scholarship Committee.
6. Applicants must complete the full application process for each new term/semester.
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Applicant Name (Last, First): *
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Institution Address: *
Institution Phone Number: *
Applicant Phone Number: *
Applicant Email Address: *
Name of High School Applicant attended: *
Date of high school graduation or receipt of G.E.D. *
High School G.P.A.
List of accredited post-high school institutions the applicant has attended or holds degrees from and dates of attendance. *
Current educational institution status (ie. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, First Term, Second Term, etc.): *
If currently enrolled in a post-high school educational institution, what is the applicants cumulative G.P.A.? *
What is the applicant's declared major and minor, or program of study? *
Does the applicant plan to attend a post-high school institution as a full-time student for the full school year? If yes, which school and in what City, State is the educational institution? *
Has the applicant received a Haven Scholarship in the past? If yes identify the amount awarded and when it was received. *
List any recognition, awards, or honors that the applicant received in school, church, work, or their community in the last four years. *
School/Institution Activities: List of group or individual school activities in which the applicant is an active member, identify any leadership roles or responsibilities the applicant has within those groups or activities. *
Church Involvement: Identify areas in which the applicant has been active in church. *
Leisure/Community Activities: List activities outside of school which the applicant participates in, such as: hobbies, interests, and any community service. Identify any leadership roles or responsibilities the applicant held within those identified activities. Be specific. *
Give a brief and well thought-out summary of the main events of the applicant's life, outlining both personal and educational goals the applicant has for their life. *
Describe how the Church has influenced your life journey of faith. *
In what ways has the applicant's religious background and faith impacted their life? Give specific examples of the applicant's personal religious beliefs and attitudes, and how those beliefs and attitudes guide the applicant to live their daily life. *
Explain why this scholarship is important to the applicant? *
Thank you for applying for a Haven Church Scholarship. Please take a moment to make sure that you have completed every step: Completed Application and Financial Documentation from the educational institution for the program of study for which you are applying for a scholarship has been emailed to or mailed to Haven Church at 5902 W. Cactus Rd. Glendale, AZ 85304. Have you completed every step? *
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