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Grow your legacy with National Sales Directors Debi Moore, Kathy Helou, Dawn Otten-Sweeney, Heather Carlson, Elaine Williams, Melody Fox, and Jeanie Tamborello. Hear the incredible story of this Mary Kay family and the legacy they have created in this 8-minute video.

Jeanie Tamborello, now a 50 something Ind. National Sales Director.  Was formerly the world shyest Realtor, working 70+ hours a week at her full-time career when she started her Mary Kay side hustle 25 years ago.  Jeanie’s been married almost 40 years and lives on a rural homestead today, after 16 years of beach life.  Time and money are what would have prevented Jeanie from starting her Mary Kay business all those years ago, if she’d stopped to think a little more.  She’s so glad she didn’t. She loves the people Mary Kay’s brought into her live, loves having lived at the beach and now in the country, and loves traveling the world AND making a difference. 

Jessica Holzbach, now an “almost 40” Ind. Sales Director, was a teacher, newly married with no kids when she began her Mary Kay side hustle 13 years ago.  It quickly became her career.  Today she has two amazing girls that both came home from the hospital in Pink Cadillacs and are able to attend private Christian school, excel in sports, and explore their gifts. Jessica wanted to earn an executive income and earn the use of the Pink Cadillac from the very beginning, and she did in her first year in business.  Jessica and her husband have been married over 15 years now and love traveling the world and making a difference in their community. 

Tell your own story with a Mary Kay business. Whether you want to fully dedicate yourself to a Mary Kay business or just make a little extra money on the side, this is a flexible opportunity that can fit in your life. Here’s the story of Jen, Kathy and Cristina and how their Mary Kay business just fits.
Learn more about starting a Mary Kay business from Mary Kay independent sales force members who have found fun and flexibility in their Mary Kay business. Randi travels the U.S. working her Mary Kay business virtually. Marni has found balance being an entrepreneur and a mom of seven. And Patricia traded a more traditional role for her #MyMKLife, so she never has to choose between her children and her career.
We believe in the power of PINK. 💕 For 60 years, Mary Kay has empowered women to be entrepreneurs, to follow their dreams and to celebrate their goals. We believe that you should be able to do what you love, be who you want to be and earn a little extra income while doing it!
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