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National Sales Director Jeanie Tamborello (Former Court Reporter turned Real Estate Agent) - If you love to watch a good pivot, check out Jeanie's video. It's 7 mins long and she filmed it while her power was out during a tropical storm! Her story is totally inspiring! Jeanie is the queen of turning lemons into lemonade!
Top Director Jessica Holzbach (Former School teacher) - Jessica shares the Fast, Fun Facts about Mary Kay in this 15 min video! She covers how our business has been affected by the pandemic plus all the scoop on the eStart! Click the link below to watch her 15 min video.
Elite Exec Director Jamie Taylor (former college student) - Jamie is a Millennial on the move in Mary Kay, she started her business in college! Click here to watch her 20 min video...
The Magic Family - #1 National Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks (Harvard MBA Graduate & former Corporate America) and her Mary Kay Family of leaders share their stories. Click here to watch this 10 min video...
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