PRG Survey - Families
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey concerning student wellbeing at Cathedral.
We would like you to read and think about our mission statement below and how the mission
guides Cathedral's actions and effectiveness when you answer the questions.

"Cathedral, a premier Catholic high school in the Holy Cross tradition, transforms a diverse group
of students spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically to have the competence to
see and the courage to act."


The competence to see and the courage to act is defined as: "the knowledge to see society's needs
and the courage to act on it."

Spiritual Wellness – Each individual is progressing on his/her faith journey by meaningfully
participating in retreats, service to the poor and other spiritual activities, and God is present and
active in his/her life.

Intellectual Wellness – Each individual is engaged and stimulated in the academic experience;
constructively uses his/her time; and uses learning as a motivation for personal excellence.

Social Wellness – Each individual is cultivating healthy personal relationships with other students,
teachers, administrators, coaches, and family; is making responsible choices; and is safely and
respectfully using social media.

Emotional Wellness – Each individual possesses appropriate life balance; has adults to confide in
when under stress; is able to build personal connections with others; maturely handles conflict;
and is part of a social network.

Physical Wellness – Each individual values optimum health through good nutrition, physical activity
and rest and is able to manage daily activities and personal health.

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