Stupid Hackathon Project Submission

Coming up with a harebrained, idiotic idea is one thing. Actually making it happen... well, that's something special. We will celebrate that perverse impulse 3-5pm this Sunday, at our final presentation event at the Roxie.

Whatever it is you've cooked up this weekend in the smoky, unsanitary kitchen of your mind, we want to see it. Please come and show it off.

1. This event is intended to show off work that was done this weekend. Pre-weekend efforts should not be the focus of your presentation.
2. For this event, we are adopting Noisebridge's policy against harassment. It is available at and you are expected to abide by it.
2a. In particular, "Nobody should be forced to experience sexual or sexualised language or imagery." For real.
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We can put this up on a big screen for you. (Ex: web app, documentation website, video link, a few slides.)
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3-5pm Sunday. Presentations will be fast-paced – probably no more than 3 minutes each.
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Please email us at if this ever changes.
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Any questions or concerns about presenting? Make sure you provide contact info if you need a reply.
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