Hadley Media User Survey
This survey was created by Hadley Media to collect information about the wants and needs of the residents of Hadley. Hadley Media strives to provide public access to information, education, and entertainment through coverage of municipal meetings, broadcast of educational programming, and production of local and regional programs. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
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1. How often do you watch Hadley Media?
2. Do you watch on cable or online?
3. What time of day do you typically watch?
4. What programming do you watch? Check all that apply.
5. What programming would you like to see on Hadley Media? Check all that apply.
6. Are you interested in helping to produce local programming?
7. Do you believe Hadley Media provides an important service to the Town of Hadley?
8. Should the Town of Hadley financially support Hadley Media?
9. If Hadley Media's current funding disappeared, would you personally support Hadley Media with a financial contribution?
10. Would you like to receive regular email updates from Hadley Media about new programming and changes to service?
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