THAT Volunteer Hours Reporting for Individual Member
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International ~ California ~ Support Team for Emerging Professionals (STEP) Committee
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This form is to be completed by each individual DKG California member who has provided volunteer hours to support another education professional.
Your entries are automatically time stamped. Hours may be submitted as frequently as you wish. The Committee’s THAT report at the annual DKG California Convention is based on the total hours submitted by March 1.
All entries are automatically added to the THAT database; therefore accuracy of data entry is very important. Be sure to capitalize the first letter of your name and your chapter's name. This information will be used to print certificates.
Volunteer last name *
Volunteer first name *
Volunteer email address
Please check for accuracy. Your email address is only utilized if a clarification is needed regarding this data.
Greek CHAPTER name (i.e. Alpha, Iota Nu) *
Please make sure this name is accurate in order for YOUR CHAPTER to receive credit for these hours. Be sure to capitalize the first letter of your chapter's name.
Area *
Please make sure this is accurate in order for YOUR AREA to receive credit for these hours.
Retired? *
Total volunteer hours *
Volunteer hours include any support work completed outside of contractual and/or otherwise paid time.
Type(s) of support provided *
Select the type(s) of support provided. For more information, see "THAT Guidelines" on the California State website. Remember that all volunteer work MUST directly impact ANOTHER EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL.
Emerging professional support *
Did you support an Emerging Professional (under 3 years of experience)?
How many hours of the Total Volunteer Hours reported above were dedicated to helping an emerging professional? *
Be sure to check your responses before clicking SUBMIT. A confirmation page will appear once the data is submitted. Are all proper nouns capitalized?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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