Computer Repair Form (041416)
Help Me Help You. This information will help me keep your computer and software up-to-date and secure -- and get you new batteries, etc., if needed!

Please fill out the information below. If you currently use more than one computer (for example, more than one laptop or a laptop and a desktop) please fill out this form separately for EACH computer you use.

Please be as specific as possible if when describing a problem.

Thank you for helping us keep our computers in top shape!

Mr. Steinberg

Your School *
Your Name *
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Your Room Number *
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Is this a LAPTOP or DESKTOP?
Is this device WHITE or SILVER?
Laptop # or Name as I've Typed It (and/or any handwritten "pink tape" labels) *
What label info I've put on your computer. Example, "G-2" or "Earth School Room 140 Abbe"
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DOE ASSET# as printed on the silver label on your computer (For laptops this label is affixed on the front. For desktops it's on the back.)
Try to make out and type this number as acurately as you can. (Starts with "DOE....")
Your answer
Info from the "ABOUT THIS MAC" specs of your Mac.
With your mouse or trackpad select "About This Mac" from under the Apple Menu icon (top leftmost corner of your screen).
What version of the OPERATING SYSTEM is your computer running? Type all the numbers/periods below. Example: 10.6.8 *
This info is shown under the words "Mac OS X" in the info window that pops up after clicking "About This Mac."
Your answer
After selecting "About This Mac" click the "More Info..." button for the rest of the spex requested below.
Select "HARDWARE" from the left column to make the following information appear in the right pane. Highlight, then COPY and PASTE the information requested into the boxes below.
Copy and paste MODEL IDENTIFIER below: *
Example: MacBook5,2
Your answer
Copy and paste PROCESSOR SPEED below: *
Example: 2.3 GHz
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Copy and paste MEMORY below: *
Example: 2 GB
Your answer
Copy and paste SERIAL NUMBER below: *
Example: WQ2FL2DUDF99
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Battery Info (for laptops only)
From within the same information window that you got "Hardware" info above, now select "POWER" from the left column to see the info needed below.
Under "Health Information" of this Power category select the current condition of your battery *
Type or paste the CYCLE COUNT number below.
Your answer
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