A wearable meditation on the longest night
Express your interest in this hand-adorned winter Solstice jacket ***before noon (Central Time) on Saturday, 12/26/2020*** to be considered as the jacket's new companion.

The recipient will be notified before midnight on Sunday, 12/27/2020, and will be selected based on their Solstice story (see below). Payment will be due within 24 hours, or I will contact another potential recipient. The jacket will be

Before submitting, please carefully read my description of the jacket and examine all the photos (or read image descriptions), especially sizing information. I suggest measuring a similar garment that fits you/the recipient well. Lay the garment flat and measure with a measuring tape for most accurate results.

For more about my work, please visit my website // thebodyconnected.com // or Instagram.com/thebodyconnected.

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Rather than offering this jacket on a first-come first-served basis, or to the highest bidder, I want to know something about you instead: Tell me a story about the longest night of the year. This can be a personal story, a fiction, a poem, a song, a recipe, or another format of your choice. If words aren't your thing, please complete this form and then email me at thebodyconnected at gmail dot com with your painting, photograph, audio recording, dance video, etc (but please keep brevity in mind, I am only one chronically ill person!). This is a new strategy and I'm going to trust my gut, so just be yourself and put your heart into it (but don't worry too much about spelling or grammar). *
What's the best way to contact you on Sunday, 12/27/20? *
If selected, how much will you pay? Sliding scale range is $60-$260.* Payment is due by end of day on Monday, 12/28/20. My decision will be primarily based on your Solstice story, but knowing what you can pay will help me plan. *
If you are selected to receive this garment, how would you prefer to pay? *
Any questions about this piece or the sliding scale process? Or anything else you'd like me to consider when selecting a new companion for this garment?
*Shipping cost will be extra, unless you are local to Minneapolis/St. Paul and can pick up the garment from my porch. I estimate $15 for USPS Priority Mail shipping, but we can discuss this when I make my selection.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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