Nutmeg Collective Application
The Nutmeg Collective is a juried group, and applying does not guarantee acceptance to the Collective. Applications will be carefully reviewed by our jurying committee and voted on over the week of July 21-28. Applicants will be notified of their status on July 29. For more information on membership, please visit


The Nutmeg Collective is Connecticut's Chamber of Commerce for makers! We are a close-knit community of handmakers of artisan goods, artists, and vintage curators located in Connecticut. We support each others' businesses through open discussion, shop and show feedback, and collaborative cross-promotion. We look for members to contribute regularly to our discussions; we find the more you participate, the more you get from the group.

Members of The Collective must be active makers or vintage curator businesses located in Connecticut looking for the following:

1. to exchange information on Connecticut craft shows and local selling venues within the state,
2. to grow their business on Etsy and other online avenues, as well as locally and/or through wholesale,
3. to build professional relationships/friendships with other makers as well as with those at local venues

Membership currently not open to gift shops or farms.



*are you a Connecticut-based business with a valid Connecticut tax identification number?
*are you a branded business with a clear focus?
*do you make high-quality handmade products or curate a high-quality vintage collection?
*are you someone with entrepreneurial aspirations?
*do you make original creations
*do you present a cohesive collection?
*is your work unique within your field/craft, and are you using materials in a new and innovative way?
*are your products something unique or something we haven't seen before?
*do you have an active social media presence across multiple platforms?
*are your photographs clean, clear, and aesthetically-pleasing?
*do you have a strong work ethic and the drive to improve and grow?
*do you have a professional, business-centered online presence?
*do you have a drive to connect with other makers and support each other?
Your full name *
Business Name *
Where in Connecticut are you located? *
What do you make? *
*Applicants MUST be a maker of their own goods to join the Collective. If you are a vintage business, please put "vintage collector".
Best email address to contact you? *
Upon acceptance, this will be added to our email list and newsletter list.
Website/Blog Address
Full URL, please.
Etsy shop, if you have one
Full URL, please. Your shop address is formatted as:
Facebook Business Page
Instagram Account
CT Sales Tax ID Number *
The Nutmeg Collective requires all members to hold a Connecticut sales tax certificate. This is different from your EIN number. You MUST have one to join - Please DO NOT submit an application without one. Your application will not be considered without one and you will not receive any status notification emails.
For those who make food items, what is your Department of Consumer Protection license number AND the location of your certified kitchen?
For those who make bath and body items, the state requires you to be licensed by the Department of Consumer Protection. Please list your DCP license number. (You MUST be inspected and licensed to join the Collective.)
What makes your business unique, and how do you make your business stand out in your craft? *
Why do you want to join the Nutmeg Collective, and why do you think you would be a fit for the group? *
What can you bring to our group, and how can you contribute if you are invited to become a member of The Nutmeg Collective? *
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