Antminer S9/L3+ Miner Order Form
Landing Cost of Antminer S9

Antminer S9 13.5 TH- $2320
APW3 PSU- 105
Shipping: 220
Total Invoice Value: 2645
Import Duty(18%) - 476.10
Clearance: 6%- $158.7
One time Setup: 100

Total Landing Cost: $3380

Landing Cost of Antminer L3+
Antminer L3 + Device Cost : US$ 2064
APW3++ PSU- US$ 105
Shipping Cost: US$ 150
Total Invoice Cost: $ 2319
Import Duty (18%) - $ 417.42
Customs clearance, Paperworks and logistics:(6%) $ 139.14
Machine Setup Fee: $100
Total Landing Cost: $ 2975

Monthly hosting price

Antminer S9 -$ 145
Antminer L3 - $ 84
Antminer D3 - $ 126

Terms and Conditions

1. The miners will be hosted in our new state of the art datacenter in Georgia.

2. Due to security concerns and the terms of our contract in Georgia, we will not be able to entertain customer visits at the datacenter. You are still welcome to visit our offices in UK, Kuwait and India to meet with us.

3. All payments will be converted into BCH. You can also make your payments in BCH to us. This is to facilitate the smooth purchase of miners since Bitmain only accepts BCH.

4. Bitmain controls the price of the miners for each batch. We cannot guarantee the price until they announce the batch, which is roughly 4-8 hours before the sale goes live. If there is a drop in their pricing, the savings will be credited to your escrow with us for future purchases. If their prices increase , you will need to cover the difference.

5. If the BCH we are holding on your behalf increases in price, we will hold the profit for you to use in future purchases as BCH.

6. If the BCH we are holding on your behalf decreases in price, you will need to make the balance payment before your order can be confirmed.

7. All mining earnings are dependant on the price of the coin and the mining difficulty. We don't control either of these. Please factor in this risk before you invest in mining hardware.

8. Due to heavy cargo movement , there will be procedural delays in the ports which shall be intimated to you.

9. Our staff at the data center will install the machines on a FIFI format. We will strive to make sure that your miners start working within 15 days of clearing the shipment at port.

10. We also provide a managed service where we optimise your mining pools and coins on a weekly basis. The payout will he weekly for this service. We charge a fee of 5 percent of mined coins for this service.

11. Please note that BCH wallet transfers take roughly 7-8 hours during peak transactions. This is why we are holding onto the BCH. Bitmain only gives us 30 min to make the payment after order is placed.

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