INDIE GARDEN at Hero Festival Grenoble

Hello Indiedev!

We are happy to announce that INDIE GARDEN will start a partnership with the Hero Festival in 2018! We will begin our tour in France with the festival in Grenoble on 5-6 May 2018. We will have a 80m² booth with up to 13 indiegames. Prices are as low as we can make on this one just to cover the costs. We want you to benefit of the best Indie Garden service we can provide and work on the success of this edition to enhance our partnership with the festival and partners.

Please fill the form below if you want to be part of it. Please fill the form in french if possible.
Have questions? hello[at]indiegarden[dot]eu


OFFERS (prices don't include VAT if any applies):

"Station" (100€) (only 1 left)
- 1 standing desk with 1 PC screen
- can have a rollup aside (not included)

"Table with 2 screens" (150€) (only 1 left)
- 5m² with 1 table and 2 chairs with 2 PC screens (24 inches)
- 1 big display on the wall (150x75 cm) included

"TV station" (175€) (only 1 left)
- 5m² with 1 nice desk with TV (32 inches) + 2 chairs
- 2 displays on the wall and on the desk included

"TV Corner" (225€) (no more left)
- 9m² with garden furniture, cofee table (80cm), and a big TV (40 inches)
- 1 big display on the wall (150x75 cm) included

Indiedevs connecting and helping each other. PR reach and animations on site with our team. The Indie Garden booth and design is attractive to visitors and we provide all furniture, screens, electricity plugs, and display. Then either you bring your computer(s), or we can also lend some hardware to you. Please see the options below to fullfil your needs.

- gaming computer: +175
- additional TV: +50
Please contact us for your specific needs.

Let's get your game out there!
Best regards,

Thibaut Trampont
Your french PR partner

Call us for more details: +33646844349
Contact us for other inquiries like PR services or your launch party in France.

Hero Festival Episode 2: 5 & 6 May 2018
Please fill the form in french if possible.
We aim at the french market here, thanks.
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Indie Garden Booth in Paris Games Week
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