Teelkee Pre-Alpha Testers

Teelkee.com is a next-generation, decentralized DAPP builder platform on the Steem blockchain.

Launching a decentralized application can be difficult, various barriers to entry can prevent many great concepts from coming to life. Teelkee exists to make it so that any business or user can create their own dApps based on the Steem blockchain and their own Smart Media Tokens.

Teelkee.com will enable anyone to distribute and monetize their decentralized applications on mobile and desktop.

The participants will have no intermediaries — users, developers, and business are all one and the same. By providing the essential functionality needed to create and tokenize dApps and their plugins, templates, modules and more ! Teelkee.com essentially removes all barriers to entry for anyone.

The purpose of Teelkee is to bring the Smart Media Tokens to the users who do not necessarily have the technical know-how needed to create a DApp backed by a social network and cryptocurrency.

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