Visual Contract Test
Hello & Welcome! First of all, I want to thank you for participating in this test. My name is Andrea Montella and Im a student in MSc Design for Interaction at TU Delft. Currently, Im doing my thesis project in collaboration with the company Visual Contracts on "Exploring the Fairness of Visual Employment Contracts". I have developed an interactive prototype of a Visual Employment Contract and created this survey in order to evaluate the experience of the contract. If you are willing to participate in the evaluation here you can find the instructions.

There are two versions of the same contract: one traditional text version and one interactive visual contract. The test will have two parts:

1) Explore the contracts (5 mins): text version + visual version
2) Fill in the survey (7 mins)

To complete the survey it is necessary that you first explore both versions. You don't have to read everything, just that a quick scan and exploration. Remember that the visual contract is just a prototype, therefore, it is not fully functional, not all the terms have been worked out. It is clickable, so navigate through it to explore it.

This is the link to the prototype, you just have to copy it on your browser:

The link to the paper contract is this one:

You can take as much time as you want to explore them. Afterwards, come back to this page to start the survey. Thank you again for participating.

You can contact me at
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