South Hills Middle School
Student Input Form
I am sharing input about my experience with Teacher Name:
For each of the following statements, check the box that best reflects your experience. *
Excellent 4
Good 3
Fair 2
Poor 1
Not observed
The teacher is accessible and willing to listen.
The teacher contacts me promptly with concerns.
Expectations for assignments are communicated and are clear and appropriate.
The teacher explains assignment requirements and how they will be graded.
The teacher communicates in a fair and respectful manner
The teacher gives feedback on assignments and tests on a regular basis.
The teacher regularly updates grades in PowerSchool.
The teacher explains concepts in ways that I understand.
I feel welcomed by the teacher when I am in the classroom.
The teacher is responsive to questions asked by students.
The teacher presents lessons and activities that are clear and meaningful to me.
The teacher encourages me to work hard to succeed.
The teacher recognizes me when I try my best.
The teacher enjoys working with students
The teacher listens to me.
I would recommend this teacher to others.
I would rate this teacher as...
What are the major strengths of this teacher?
In which areas could improvement take place?
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