Fall 2017 OTPP Application Form
There are ten openings for the Fall 2017 OTPP cohort. Priority is given to faculty who are currently teaching online, who are scheduled to teach online, as well as those who have partially completed the program in the past.

Participants in the Fall 2017 OTPP cohort will:

1. Spend 10-hours per week on online course work during the program dates Sept 20 - Oct 3 and Oct 18-Nov 14.
2. Complete required assignments asynchronously (on your own time) and adhere to the staggered due dates throughout each week.
3. Develop an e-portfolio demonstrating chosen aspects of your online course that align with 2 sections of the QOLT rubric.
4. Support peers and peer-learning through the process.
5. Be open to learning and trying new digital tools.
6. Be ready to have fun engaging in discussions, exploring new approaches, and working together with technology.

If you are interested in participating in the Fall 2017 cohort of OTPP, please complete the form below.

If you have questions, contact jill.leafstedt@csuci.edu or go to:

More information is available here: http://tlinnovations.populr.me/otpp-cohort

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