"Ingat!: A Series"
In response to the 2022 Philippine elections, the CAD (Community, Action, and Dialogue) Committee of NCPASA has recognized a need for there to be a space in the community where folks can navigate their emotions, learn about the Marcos and/or Duterte dynasties of the Philippines, share their stories, and listen to other peoples’ as well. This results in the NCPASA programming called “Ingat!: A Series."

“Ingat (careful out there) became the word of goodbye, replacing the old "sige," during the martial law years. It was the last word uttered between and among those meeting to discuss what had to be done, in ways big and small, to end the Marcos Dictatorship. It was said with all the love and respect one was capable of. Because chances were one would meet again only in a prison cell, or a torture house (called a safe house by the military) or at a wake.” – Ninotchka Rosa

This series aims to keep updated on the Philippine elections with one another, facilitate workshops, host teach-ins, and open discussion. It will remain a fluid space where folks can discuss what their hearts desire and what they need to release. Some days may consist of analyzing a text or photo, another may be watching a short video, and another may be just us talking amongst one another – wherever the conversation may take us. “Ingat!” was also inspired by student activists in the Philippines who would go underground to read revolutionary texts during the Marcos regime.

“Ingat!: A Series” will take place weekly on Tuesdays via Zoom.

This series is open to all community members. Education is the foundation of every movement, and we know the fight is not over. We want to give our flowers to our martyrs, revolutionaries, and people who fought until their last breath. It is our duty to reserve their legacy and fight in that honor, until we are free.

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